Family Reunion Ideas Charleston SC

Family reunions are always memorable and enjoyable. But of course, organizing the family reunion isn’t as fun as the event itself. These days, organizing family reunions are both easier and more difficult than before.

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Family Reunion Ideas

Family reunions are always memorable and enjoyable. But of course, organizing the family reunion isn’t as fun as the event itself. These days, organizing family reunions are both easier and more difficult than before. For one, there are several tools and gadgets that can help you organize the reunion. However, with so many choices and complications in everyday life, making each and every one of your family wouldn’t be as easy as you’d want. Here are some family reunion ideas for organizing and family activities that can help you make the task less complicated and more convenient for everyone involved.

Social networking and other tools

The very first part involved in organizing the family reunion is making sure everyone is informed and coordinated with. This way, you can ensure that majority of your family will be able to attend the family activities. Thanks to today’s technology, you can do this via social networking websites such as Facebook or Twitter (among others). On Facebook, simply create a note and tag at least one member of each family branch. The key here is to consult your family tree chart. How far from the family tree would you and should you invite? When this is settled, include them on your Facebook note tag. If you want something more organized, you can create an email group (courtesy of Yahoo or Gmail) or an online forum (courtesy of Forumotion, among others) if you want to do the family activities planning online.

In fact, making an online forum for the reunion may seem like a good tactic, especially if you want everyone to be involved with the tossing of family reunion ideas. Even if you’re in charged with the family reunion, you wouldn’t want to hoard the responsibility. Online forums can also be a great venue for organized planning over the internet (something that can be extremely useful, especially if a number of your relatives live overseas or in another state).

Planning family activities

Now that you’ve settled with the venue you can use to plan the reunion, it’s time to decide over the more difficult part of the planning: the specifics. Essentially, here are some of the specifics you need to get put on paper before you can plan the exact family activities for the reunion: The guest list (including the rough estimate of attendees), the date, the location (or site, whichever is more important for the party), the budget (and who will shoulder the expenses), and the theme (if any). These are merely the basics; once you’ve settled on these, you can consider family reunion ideas and family activities.

But why are these factors the most essential of all? Simple: they are the core of every family reunion. The guest list, naturally, is the most essential; the number of attendees will determine the extent of your reunion. After all, if only a negligible number of family members can attend, what’s the point of having a full on get together in the first place? The date and location should be considered while settling the guest list; these considerations can change who will and will not attend.

The organizers of the family reunion are not always the ones in charge of the expenses. If this is something you do not do regularly, maybe you should ask every family to contribute. This will depend on the family dynamics, needless to say, and how often you plan to have these reunions and family activities. Lastly, the theme will dictate what the family activities will be.

Family reunion ideas

Once these have been decided on, it’s time to segregate tasks. These tasks should include some factors you probably didn’t consider before such as: parties in charge of documentation (the official photographer of the event, so to speak) and the parties in charge of online documentation (those who will create the website before and after the event). These aren’t necessarily core essentials, but they will make the event more interesting and memorable. And since family reunions do happen only once every few years or so, why not take the opportunity to record it for prosperity?

The issue of family activities should be dealt with while considering the theme of the family reunion. Family reunion ideas, naturally, will depend on the theme of the event. Location is important here, too. Do you want a formal indoor dinner family reunion? Or would you want an outdoor event? Do you want a beach party? Or do you want unleash your inner child and rent an function room in a amusement park?

One way to garner family reunion ideas that everyone will agree on is to create an online survey or poll. This way, each family from the family tree chart can provide input for the family reunion ideas. This is also a great way to ensure everyone is comfortable or interested with the theme of the event. The main goal here, after all, is for everyone to enjoy and have fun. To ensure this, each and everyone should agree with the family activities you have prepared.

As for general family activities, you can try family oriented activities such as scavenger hunts (wherein each family competes with everyone else for a prize), family tree chart wall game (wherein the families try to fill in the charts correctly), or family reenactments. These may seem rather corny for some, but these are undoubtedly a few wholesome ideas for family activities. In any case, the purpose of having a theme for a family reunion is to have a general angle for the event. This way, you know what activities you can do. If you have a big enough house to accommodate everyone, organizing a family reunion there could save you considerable amount of money (not to mention you’ll have all the freedom to do everything you want to do, considering the resources available).

In the end, the keys to a good family reunion are accessibility, convenience, affordability, features, and activities. Without any of the following, the family reunion might fail or will not be as enjoyable as it could be.