Ficus Tree Care Tips Charleston SC

The Ficus tree is one of the most common indoor trees. Also known as the Weeping Fig, the Ficus tree is naturally woody and thrives on temperate climates.

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Ficus Tree Care Tips

The Ficus tree is one of the most common indoor trees. Also known as the Weeping Fig, the Ficus tree is naturally woody and thrives on temperate climates. Fig trees can actually grow as tall as 90 feet, but this indoor fig tree is cultivated to be small and perfect as a house plant. Even as a small house plant, it has one of the most amazing foliage among trees, with a desirable shape that really makes it attractive. However, while it is a nice tree to have, it is not exactly the easiest to grow. After all, the Ficus tree is meant to grow several feet tall; therefore, some of its inherent characteristics are still present. Also, the Ficus tree is notorious for being sensitive. It would seem as if one move will cause this tree to wither and lose many of its gorgeous leaves.

However, this does not mean to say the Ficus tree is no longer an ideal house plant. As a matter of fact, it still is—except you have to be rather vigilant in order to spot some problems with your tree. When these gardening tips are followed, your Ficus tree will definitely grow into a remarkable house plant.

Gardening tips 1: Choosing the Ficus tree

Of course, it goes without saying that the health of your Ficus tree will first depend on the tree that you bought in the first place. You need to ensure that your Ficus tree is healthy and capable of growing a lush, amazing foliage. How can you asses this? For one, the trunk of the tree has to be straight and sturdy, not curved or crooked. Any abnormal shape will not and cannot be fixed later on. The trunk has to scar- and warping-free, needless to say. The leaves should be green and not in any shade of brown and yellow. It should have no rips and no tears, and the braches should indicate no leaf loss (leaf loss is a sign of tree & plant stress). Lastly, the soil should be moist and free of bugs.

If you see any of the red flags, get another Ficus tree. Needless to say, it is best to have a good starting when taking care of the tree.

Gardening tips 2: Planting

Since your Ficus tree will probably be an indoor plant, you need to take caution with the replanting. This is to ensure that your tree does not become pot bound, which is the usual tendency with Ficus trees. When replanting, make sure the new pot is two inches wider (of course, in diameter) than its previous pot to ensure root growth. This way, the roots will have ample room to grow. Replant the tree every two years or so, and replant the tree soon after your purchase.

Gardening tips 3: Positioning

The positioning of the Ficus tree has got to be one of the most important gardening tips you will have to consider regarding Ficus tree care. Basically, the tree needs to get ample sunlight, but not to much. While it should get some sun everyday, it shouldn’t get sun all day. Do not place the tree near heaters and vents, and do not place it near the window, as it will not thrive well on extreme temperatures. The key here is to find a place with ample sunlight yet does not change in terms of temperature abruptly. The Ficus tree is very sensitive to change; it can get too stressed due to extreme temperature and to environment change. Again, this is the reason why you need to position your tree wisely: you need to make sure you wouldn’t move your tree again and again. As much as possible, make sure its positioning is permanent.

Gardening tips 4: Watering

Of course, your Ficus tree needs water, but that’s not the point. As mentioned earlier, the Ficus tree is extremely sensitive. Therefore, the tree will require careful and considerate watering. For instance, while it needs constant watering, its soil doesn’t be too wet. Do not let the water on the soil; instead, water the plant only when the soil is dry. A pot saucer is needed too, to keep the soil from being too wet. Over-watering this plant can cause to root rot (which, along with being root bound, is another one of the constant Ficus tree problems). You can, however, mist the leaves every once in a while. Needless to say, fertilizers can also make the tree become lush and healthy.

Gardening tips 5: The seasons

Seasonal care is essential for the Ficus tree, especially since it is sensitive to changes and extreme temperature. For instance, during the winter, you should lessen your watering since the tree requires less water during this time of the year. During and spring and summer, however, you should water the plant more. It is also best to expose the tree to more sunlight during this time of the year to facilitate its growth. If it isn’t too cold at night during this time, you can even leave it outdoors (as long as the temperature does not go below 50 degrees Fahrenheit).

General Ficus tree gardening tips

Basically, all the tips are covered by the basic steps mentioned above. Most of the problems you will experience with your tree will be connected to the gardening tips mentioned above. For instance, when you see the leaves of the Ficus tree discolor into yellow, check whether the soil an inch below the surface is dry or moist. The yellowing does not always mean lack of water. When the leaves drop, however, you may have to decrease the watering and increase the humidity. If you can determine the moisture in the soil, use a water meter.

Tree & plant experts have already weighed in: taking care of the Ficus tree is not exactly an easy task. However, the rewards can be quite fulfilling, especially since it is among the most attractive indoor trees. It just needs vigilance in order to grow properly.