How to Find Pet Friendly Accommodations Charleston SC

Travelers usually leave their pets behind when they travel from their place to another, even though many would rather bring their pets with them. Although their numbers are not overwhelmingly large, there is a significant list of pet friendly lodging.

The Inn at Middleton Place
(843) 556-0500
4290 Ashley River Rd
Charleston, SC

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Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Charleston
(843) 225-4411
2455 Savannah Hwy
Charleston, SC
Airport Shuttle, Business Center, Free Hot Breakfast Buffet, Gym/Fitness Center, Free High Speed Internet, Meeting/Banquet Facilities, Pets Allowed, Pool,

Wingate by Wyndham Charleston University Boulevard
(843) 553-4444
9280 University Blvd
North Charleston, SC
Airport Shuttle, Free Hot Breakfast, Free Business Center, Free High Speed Internet, Gym/Fitness Center, Meeting Space, Pets Allowed, Pool,

The Palms Hotel
(843) 886-3003
1126 Ocean Boulevard
Isle of Palms, SC
Charlotte Street Cottage
32 Charlotte Street
Charleston, SC

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Embassy Suites Hotel Charleston Historic District
(843) 723-6900
337 Meeting Street
Charleston, SC
Hampton Inn Charleston/Mt. Pleasant-Patriots Point
(843) 881-3300
255 Sessions Way
Mount Pleasant, SC
Staybridge Suites North Charleston
(843) 377-4600
7329 Mazyck Road
North Charleston, SC
Best Western Charleston Downtown Hotel
(800) 842-7438
146 Lockwood Dr
Charleston, SC

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Charleston Marriott Hotel
(843) 723-3000
170 Lockwood Boulevard
Charlotte, NC
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How to Find Pet Friendly Accommodations

Travelers usually leave their pets behind when they travel from their place to another. Although many would rather bring their pets with them, it’s not as easy as they would hope. Besides the hassle of taking their pets with them, they also have to contend with the fact that very few hotels and accommodations are actually pet friendly—that is, hotels or accommodations that allow pets to stay with their owners. This is basically the biggest road block pet owners have to deal with in case they want to bring their cats or dogs with them during their travels. So unless you have your own place or you’re staying over at a friend’s house, traveling with pets can really be a dreadful task.

But traveling with pets isn’t always painful. Although their numbers are not overwhelmingly large, there is a significant list of pet friendly lodging all over the country. After all, for a country known for being very passionate about their pets, it’s only natural that some business institutions in American offers pet friendly hotels and pet friendly accommodations. The only problem you will have to face here is finding these pet friendly lodging. With the right tools, of course, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Pet care connections

Communicate and interact with other travelers. They need not be pet owners, although that would also be helpful later on. Interact with them using online forums or physical and virtual communities and ask whether they know any pet friendly accommodations in the place you will be visiting. Basically, what you need here are referrals—referrals from frequent travelers who have been to places and should know which places offer pet friendly accommodations. This is why you don’t necessarily need someone with pets; frequent travelers will obviously notice these things.

Of course, there are also specialized pet owner websites and groups that you are peruse. These groups and websites will provide you the necessary information, especially with regards to the features and the amenities they have concerning your pet. After all, it’s not enough that you find pet friendly lodging; also need to make sure they have the proper equipment and amenities for you and your pets.

The simplest and the most basic thing you can do is to consult the hotel staff about their rules regarding pets. Not all hotel or lodging websites offer information about pet admittance; you will probably have to call them yourself. Again, it is not enough that they allow pets on their premises or their rooms. You need to be certain of their specific rules and regulation regarding checking in with pets. Can you take them with you to your room, or do they simply provide space in some area of the hotel for your pets? Should the pets be caged, or can they roam around in certain areas of the lodging or resort?

Some hotels and accommodations are not entirely pet friendly—but they allow you to check in with your pets for an addition price. Is this something a traveler should consider? Basically, it’s a matter of preference and spending capacity. Are you willing to spend 50 to 100 dollars so you can take your pet to that particular hotel or lodging? Is it a specific accommodation you really want to stay at?


In case you do not want to spend money just to take you pets with you in a particular hotel, you should do the searching for the pet friendly lodging yourself. You can do these two ways: the traditional way or through the search engine.

Travel guides—especially the ones on specific countries and cities—offer really elaborate and extensive information about hotels and accommodations, including which hotels are pet friendly hotels. Other travel sources such as accommodation guides could help you find such information. Travel guides have information on hotels; at the very least, these guides will be able to give you contact numbers in case you would want to call them.

Search engines should be able to help to. Use specific keywords to find pet friendly accommodations wherever you are going. This will allow you to look for hotels in case a particular hotel falls below your standards. You shouldn’t settle for anything else, even if you are with your beloved pet.

Pet care before traveling

However, besides the pet friendly accommodations, you need to consider the well-being of your pet as well before traveling. Traveling with pets can be strenuous—for you and your pet.

Before your travel, let the cat or dog become familiar with its crate or cage. Let it acclimate to the container so it wouldn’t feel too uncomfortable during the trip or the flight. Do not give you pets any food and water at least 12 hours before the travel in reduce accidents. Many travelers do the opposite (thinking their pets would feel too hungry and thirsty during the trip) and this is not advisable.

Still, make sure the pet is comfortable inside its crate when traveling with pets. Add any sort of cushioning material on the crate’s flooring to make sure if wouldn’t feel too uncomfortable during the long trip. Bringing a toy or blanket is advisable too; you need to do everything to make sure your pet feels comfortable and at ease to less the stress and to prevent potential trauma during the travel. Before the trip, make your pet do exercises (rather, let the pet stretch and not put it directly on the cage after a nap). And needless to say, you should bring potential necessities for your pets—the same way you would for a baby.

It shouldn’t be difficult to find pet friendly accommodations, considering the number of pet owners in the country. But while there seems to be some sort of lack in pet friendly lodging, you should never settle for anything less. Make sure the lodging provides you with all you and your pet would need. That it is pet friendly is no favor; it is a responsibility.