Rib Eye Steak Recipe Charleston SC

Steaks are among the most mouthwatering dishes ever. Although the extremely health conscious would definitely avoid a good steak, everyone else wouldn’t. After all, what’s better than a properly grilled steak?

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Rib Eye Steak Recipe

Steaks are among the most mouthwatering dishes ever. Although the extremely health conscious would definitely avoid a good steak, everyone else wouldn’t. After all, what’s better than a properly grilled steak? Steak cooking isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, and there lies the problem—especially when making rib eye steak. How can you cook the perfect rib eye steak and what should you do in order to ensure the steak is indeed worthy of your plate’s and stomach’s space? Here are so steak cooking recipes and tips to ensure making rib eye steak will be easy, or at least properly done.

Making rib eye steak

Of course, when making rib eye steak, you first need to prepare the ingredients:

  • Of course, you need the rib eye steak when making rib eye steak.

  • Salt, canola oil, and ground black pepper

  • Marinade (optional)

  • The marinade is optional because it’s not exactly required. As with most recipes, it depends on your preference. Without the marinade, you can use the oil, salt and black pepper on the steak. First, you need to dry your steak to make sure it will absorb the spices properly. Rub the canola oil then season the steak with the salt and the pepper (quantity according to preference, although a tablespoon of each would be sufficient). Rub the spices into your steak so it’ll be able to absorb the flavor, and then let it stand for at least an hour in room temperature.

    If you want to use a rib eye steak marinade, you need these ingredients: 12 ounces of red wine vinegar; a teaspoon of ground black pepper, minced garlic, and Worcestershire sauce; and half a tablespoon of minced onion. Of course, the direction for making the marinade is simple: mix all the ingredients and place your rib eye steaks on the marinade. Marinate the steak for at least one hour inside the refrigerator. Then, you’re ready to grill.

    How to Make Rib Eye Steak

    The cooking of the rib eye steak itself should be simple just as well. If you’re using an oven, heat it to 500 degrees Fahrenheit with the cast iron skillets inside. After 20 minutes, remove the skillet (without turning the oven off). Place your steaks in the skillet and sear it for two minutes. Flip the meat and sear the other side for the same amount of time. The steaks should have been browned properly at this point. After which, return the skillet inside the oven and continue the cooking. Three minutes per side should be good enough for medium rare steaks.

    What many people do not realize is this: you can check the steak through its temperature. A negative 140 degrees temperature should mean the meat s rare, negative 150 medium rare, and 160 well done. If you do not have a kitchen thermometer, assess the meat by touching it. The steak is still rare if it’s soft, while medium well steak should be firm. In any case, let the meat settle first before serving.

    If you plan to use an outdoor, simply preheat the grill (should be done while the steak is marinating) in high heat and grill the rib eye steak for at least seven minutes per side (or until you achieve your desired steak doneness).

    Tips for cooking steak

    Judging from this recipe alone, it would seem as if making rib eye steak is so easy. However, this is more than just knowing how to make rib eye steak—or any steak, in particular. It’s really all about the method when cooking the steak.

    For instance, it should be noted that making rib eye steak is all about patience. Do not try to hurry the process; otherwise, you’d end up with a barely cooked, ill-tasting rib eye state. When using an outdoor grill, light the briquettes way before the grilling—an hour before would do. Why? Because you cook the steak using indirect heat and not direct flames. And if you want the steak to be cooked properly, you need the indirect heat to be intense all around and not just in a particular area. Patience should be practiced when seasoning as well. When seasoning (or marinating), give the meat at least an hour so the meat will be able to absorb the ingredients properly. These two tips for cooking steak are actually the most basic of them all. If you do not follow these, you cannot expect to have great tasting, mouth watering rib eye steaks.

    Another one of the tips for cooking steak that requires patience: do not cook cold meat immediately. This means, after the marinating, let the steak come and settle to room temperature. With this, the steal cooks evenly. If you cook it immediately, the outside of the steak will probably be cooked, but the inside will be raw or dry. As the recipe above dictates, you should season or marinate your steak properly—rub it with fingers rather than just sprinkling it. Add some oil when you grill or oven-cook your meat.

    Lastly, do not serve or cut the meat immediately. Let it simmer for at least 10 minutes (or more, if possible) to allow the steak to lock in the flavor and the juice. When you cut it right away, the juices will seep out, and you will lose most of the steak’s flavor.

    When serving, do not be worried about the doneness of the steak. Many people are worried that raw rib eye steaks are not properly cooked enough to get rid of the germs or bacteria lingering on the meat. However, what you should know is this: as long as the outer layer of the stake has changed from pink to brow, it’s ready to be served. Again, doneness is a preference. As long as you followed the tips and recipe cited here, your rib eye steak should be perfect.

    It can be quite hard to cook steak (any kind of steak) properly. It requires patience and a bit of skill. However, the rib eye steak recipe here should be easy enough for anyone without an expansive background in cooking.